novoinsight2 2018
18th October 2018

The big annual conference of novomind has become an important meeting point for novomind customers and business partners of the two novomind business units: customer service and commerce.

This years motto: discover.together.

The world is getting closer and closer together, while at the same time digitization and globalization are opening up endless new possibilities. The online customer 2018 expects maximum technical performance and individual service. At all levels and channels.

For 18 years, novomind has been discovering new ideas and trends, developing new technologies and products. Together with our partners and customers, we improve processes, create strong solutions and find new ways. These now take us to nearly every continent - and we are discovering something new everywhere: in Asia as well as in the USA, in Alexandria as well as in Dubai. Together.

The novoinsight 2018 wants to give themes, faces and stories to this sense of community. So that we can discover new things in the future together, improve the tried and tested and make the unthinkable possible today.

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More than







annual conference

This was the novoinsight² 2017

Speaker 2018

Sascha Lobo,

Author and Publicist

Sascha Lobo, born in 1975, studied social and business communication in Berlin. He works as an author, internet entrepreneur and lecturer on the topic of digitization of economy and society. Since 2011, he has written a weekly column on Spiegel Online called "The Man Machine", in which he looks on the events of the world from a digital perspective. His most important books include "Internet Blessing or Curse" (with Kathrin Passig, published by Rowohlt Berlin in 2012) and "We Call It Work" (with Holm Friebe, published by Heyne in 2006). Together with Christoph Kappes, he runs the Progress Factory, a project and consulting firm for digital transformation. In 2017, he made the film "manipulated" for ZDF, which deals with the impact of social media on society. Sascha Lobo did not understand Snapchat much earlier than most (2013), but has many followers on Twitter.

Artour Djanatliev,

Head of Longtail Partner Program, K-Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG (Klingel Group)

Artour Djanatliev has more than 10 years of e-commerce experience, including about 5 years with Amazon in purchasing for Consumer Electronic Articles about 4.5 years at Sportscheck (OTTO Group) as Head of Partner Program. For 1.5 years at Klingel Group as Head of Longtail Partner Program for the platforms,,,,,, - focus on the  range expansion

Dominik Grollmann,

Analyst, iBusiness

Dominik Grollmann is a proven connoisseur of the German online industry. He has accompanied the market since 1997 as a specialist journalist and developed the renowned trade magazine Internet World Business, which he headed as Editor-in-Chief for more than ten years. Since 2014 he analyzes the e-commerce development at the iBusiness service and identifies the trends of the future.

Dr. Horst Karaschewski ,

Head of IT Development, HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG

Dr. Horst Karaschewski lives in Achim near Bremen with his wife and 2 children. He is 52 years old and studied mathematics but has been into application development since his school days. Previously unfamiliar with the insurance sector he has been in his current position since 2006 at the HanseMerkur Insurance. Since 2013 he is also managing director of red6 enterprise software GmbH, a subsidiary of HanseMerkur for IT development, where new forms of organization are for example beeing tested.

Waldemar Sander,

Content Manager E-Commerce, LLOYD Shoes AG

Waldemar Sander began his career at LLOYD Shoes AG 14 years ago as an apprentice industrial clerk. After various advanced training courses (industrial specialist, e-commerce manager, scrum product owner), he worked as a sub-project manager frontend until the beginning of 2018. Today Waldemar Sander is employed as content manager e-commerce.

Christian Haltermann ,

Head of Digital Services, HolzLand GmbH

Christian Haltermann completed his education and part-time business administration studies with ter Hürne, one of the market leaders in development and quality products for floor, wall and ceiling made of wood.
He then moved to HolzLand in 2009: Category Management, Project Management & Sales, parallel to his Master's degree in Business Administration. Since 2013: Development of the HolzLand PIM (as a data aggregator of the industry) with highly enriched product data for the HolzLand members, which today represents a USP of the company. Construction of e-commerce area for the further implementation of the digitization strategy (including B2C marketplace

Agenda novoinsight² 2018

From 10:00 AMGet together in the foyer
10:30 AMWelcoming of the participants
Peter Samuelsen, CEO, novomind AG
11:00 AMKeynote: Of the bogusness of digital customers - how the network is changing society and why this is systemically important for e-commerce
Sascha Lobo, Author and Publicist

novomind iAGENT

 novoinsight2 Agenda Track novomind iAGENT
Presented by: Georg Mack, CEO, MACK Call Center Consulting
Franziska Dempt, Business Development, novomind AG
1:30 PMGood afternoon
Sylvia Feja, Director Business Unit novomind iAGENT, novomind AG
1:40 PMContact center church? Communication from person to person in the digital age
Christian Weisker, Head of Team Info Service, Evangelical Church in Germany
2:00 PMnovomind iAGENT as a customer guidance system for personal customer service
Robert Tigges, Process expert in the private service sector, DEW - Dortmund energy and water supply GmbH
2:20 PMMessenger for Customer Service
Ram Srinivasan, President and Chief Executive Officer, NewBlue California
Anna Mempel, Deputy Business Unit Manager novomind iAGENT, novomind AG
3:50 PMOPEN: All things optional, nothing is a must- novomind iAGENT Apps using the example of a connection to the specialist system of the HanseMerkur
Dr. Horst Karaschewski, Head of IT development, HanseMerkur Krankenversicherungs AG
Mathias Kroggel, Solution Manager for novomind iAGENT, novomind AG
4:25 PMChatbot and FAQ Center: friend or enemy? - Including an exclusive insight into the new novomind composer
Hossam Amer, Managing Director, novomind MEA
Sven Tunnermann, Project Manager, novomind AG
5:10 PM"The call is dead. Long live the call."
Ralf Mühlenhöver, CEO, voiXen GmbH
Lars Dietrichkeit, Head of Business Development, innovaphone AG
Anna Mempel, Deputy Business Unit Manager novomind iAGENT, novomind AG
5:55 UhrSummary and conclusion of the event
Sylvia Feja, Director Business Unit novomind iAGENT, novomind AG
6:00 PMEnd of the event
Please use the provided bus shuttle!
from 6:30 PMEvening event at the Ehemalige Hauptzollamt
 novoinsight2 Meet the Experts novomind iAGENT
on Friday, 19.10.2018 from 10 am to 1 pm, our novomind iAGENT experts will provide insights into product development in our office in the Bramfelder Chaussee 45, 22177 Hamburg

novomind iSHOP

 novoinsight² Agenda Track novomind iSHOP
Presented by: Dominik Grollmann, Analyst iBusiness
1:30 PMLatest release and roadmap novomind iSHOP
Antonia Wrobel, Product Manager novomind iSHOP, novomind AG
2:00 PMArtificial neuronal networks: Possible applications in E-commerce
Stefan Ostermann, Director Business Unit novomind iSHOP, novomind AG
2:30 PMShelf Extension @ Lloyd Shoes
Waldemar Sander, Content Manager E-Commerce, Lloyd Shoes GmbH
2:55 UhrShip from Store: lived Omnichannel at Görtz
Patrick Sindt, Studiolead / E-Commerce Consultant, SinnerSchrader Commerce GmbH
Timo Bergmann, Head of E-Commerce, Ludwig Görtz GmbH
3:50 PMnovomind Apps: Point of Sales meets E-Commerce
Fahim Aleaf, Project Manager App Development, novomind AG
4:10 PMMessenger Commerce: Explore new ways of Customer Communication
Martina Kadenbach, Sales Manager, novomind AG
Sören Schahn, Sales Manager, novomind AG
4:30 PMMulti-Brand setup with novomind
Martim dos Reis, Head of Marketing & Sales Specialist Shops, OTTO
Christian Schieß, Partner Manager International, novomind AG
5:00 - Conception and implementation of a B2C online marketplacefor the timber business
Christian Haltermann, Division Manager Digital Services, HolzLand GmbH
5:30 PMGlance into novomind iSHOPs laboratory
Antonia Wrobel, Product Manager novomind iSHOP, novomind AG
6:00 PMEnd of the event
Please use the provided bus shuttle!
from 6:30 PMEvening event at the Ehemalige Hauptzollamt
 novoinsight2 Commerce Breakfast
on Friday, 19.10.2018 in the context of a common breakfast from 10 AM to 11:30 AM you have the opportunity for the exchange in our rooms at novomind, Bramfelder Chaussee 45, 22177 Hamburg

novomind iPIM/iMARKET

 novoinsight2 Agenda Track novomind iPIM & iMARKET
Presented by: David Spaeth, Senior Consultant, novomind AG
1:30 PMLet us discover the next generation novomind iPIM together
Markus Rohmeyer, Director Business Unit novomind iPIM, novomind AG
Helge Durst, Project Manager, novomind AG
2:00 PMidealo - The sales boost for your Christmas business
Erik Meierhoff, Head of B2B Business, idealo internet GmbH
2:25 PMFrom catalog shipping with a marketplace integration to an marketplace with six platforms
Artour Djanatliev, Head of Longtail Partner Program, Klingel Group
2:55 PMHow to improve product data from suppliers illustrated by the wide assortment of toom hardware store
Patrick Lünendonk, Product Owner PIM / Product Development, toom Baumarkt GmbH / REWE Group
3:50 PMThe first view at novomind iMARKET 4
Nico Krekow, Project Manager, novomind AG
4:15 PMDeichmann between tradition and omnichannel marketplaces as an internationalization strategy 
Thorsten Hennig, Head of Online & Social Media, Deichmann SE
4:40 PMChallenges of merging, transforming and migrating business systems into service-oriented structures
Ravindra Abeynaike, 21sportsgroup GmbH
5:05 PMCurrent development at OTTO on the way to becoming a marketplace 
Frank Gallus, Senior Manager Partner Development, OTTO
Markus Stürzekarn, Head of Partner Integration, OTTO
5:30 PMDigital Product Data - The oil of the future for brands
Rüdiger Traub, Head of E-Commerce, Leineweber GmbH &Co. KG (BRAX)
Charlotte Wemhöner, E-Commerce Platform Manager, Leineweber GmbH &Co.KG (BRAX)
6:00 PMEnd of the event
Please use the provided bus shuttle!
from 6:30 PMEvening event at the Ehemalige Hauptzollamt
 novoinsight2 Commerce Breakfast
on Friday, 19.10.2018 in the context of a common breakfast from 10 AM to 11:30 AM you have the opportunity for the exchange in our rooms at novomind, Bramfelder Chaussee 45, 22177 Hamburg

Event Location

Day Event

The Curio House is one of the most famous event buildings in Hamburg in the district of Eimsbüttel, more precisely in the district of Rotherbaum, one of the most representative and most beautiful parts of Hamburg. The house was built in 1911 and thus offers a 100-year history.

Rothenbaumchaussee 13
20148 Hamburg

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Evening event

The former Ehemalige Hauptzollamt Speicherstadt Hamburg with its generous outer area directly on the Zollkanal is a historic building that once controlled tea, spices, coffee and tobacco from all over the world. It is located in the heart of the Speicherstadt, yet only a few meters from the city center.

Alter Wandrahm 19-20
20457 Hamburg

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Meet the Experts & Commerce Breakfast

Bramfelder Chaussee 45
22177 Hamburg

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