Speaker 2018

Ravindra Abeynaike ,

Senior Systems Architect, 21sportsgroup GmbH

Ravindra Abeynaike is a leading system architect at 21sportsgroup GmbH and has been working for the company since 2011. He is responsible for the conception and accompanies the implementation of the consolidation of the business systems and ensures the migration into a service-oriented system landscape and cloud transformation of the 21sportsgroup. Previously, he has gained 10 years of e-commerce experience specializing in web technologies and the integration of software systems.

Fahim Aleaf,

Project Manager App Development, novomind AG

Fahim has been working for novomind since 2008. After his short time as a Java developer, he worked as a project manager, among other things, the largest e-commerce projects in Europe. Since 2015, he is the head of the mobile development team at novomind, ranging from shopping apps to innovation topics such as: voice commerce, location based marketing or even mobile payments.

Hossam Amer,

Managing Director, novomind MEA

Hossam Amer, Co-Founder and Managing Director for novomind MEA, is a highly-accomplished business developer and sales professional with 20 years of experience in the enterprise and customer services software industry. Prior to starting novomind MEA subsidiary, he held managerial positions at customer services solutions vendors including Avaya and Teleopti. Hossam has BSc in electronic engineering and MBA.

Timo Bergmann ,

Head of E-Commerce, Ludwig Görtz GmbH

Timo Bergmann has been head of E-Commerce at Görtz, the fashion retailer of shoes and accessories, since June 2018. In his role, he is responsible i.a. the online product and shop management, the customer care as well as the operations and omnichannel service team. His work focuses on team development, personalization, mobile and the development of omnichannel services. Previously he was u.a. at Peek & Cloppenburg Hamburg and Frontlineshop.

Franziska Dempt,

Business Development, novomind AG

Franziska Dempt has been with novomind since October 2012 and is responsible for sales and business development in the field of novominds customer service software novomind iAGENT. Prior to that she worked for 10 years at various outsourcing companies and has a sound knowledge of service processes.

Lars Dietrichkeit ,

Head of Business Development, innovaphone AG

Lars Dietrichkeit initially started his career at SEL ALCATEL as a communications electronics specialist specializing in telecommunications, where he joined the contact center sales department after completing a sales training. Afterwards, he spent nearly 11 years in the sales department Voice over IP / Contact Center at Computacenter AG. Lars Dietrichkeit has been managing business development at innovaphone AG as Head of Business Development for more than 5 years.

Artour Djanatliev,

Head of Longtail Partner Program, K-Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG (Klingel Group)

Artour Djanatliev has been with the Klingel Group as Head of Longtail Partner Program for approx. 1.5 years responsible for the assortment expansion of the platforms Klingel.de, Wenz.de, HappySize.de, Diemer.de, Wellsana.de, Meyer-mode.de AlbaModa.de. He gained his many years of experience in e-commerce through his professional career with Sportcheck (OTTO Group) as well as with Amazon in purchasing for consumer electronics products.

Christian Dornhoff ,

Chief Technology Officer, toom Baumarkt GmbH // REWE Group

Christian Dornhoff is a positive internet enthusiast and strong motivator with a wide range of experience in publishing, internet, mobile and telecommunication industries. High level communication skills and media knowledge. Proven leadership skills as a manager of fast growing start ups in media worldwide with international teams. Enjoys being part of as well as managing and motivating a successful team. Dedicated to high quality standards and security.

Sylvia Feja,

Authorized Officer and Director Business Unit novomind iAGENT, novomind AG

Sylvia Feja has been responsible for the novomind Customer Service Software business division since 2012. Previously she was responsible for customers and new customers as an account manager in this business division. After studying business management with a focus on business information technology, she began working for T-Systems International as a sales manager for the mobile/voice solutions segments in 2005.

Dominik Grollmann,

Analyst, iBusiness

Dominik Grollmann is a proven connoisseur of the German online industry. He has accompanied the market since 1997 as a specialist journalist and developed the renowned trade magazine Internet World Business, which he headed as Editor-in-Chief for more than ten years. Since 2014 he analyzes the e-commerce development at the iBusiness service and identifies the trends of the future.

Christian Haltermann,

Head of Digital Services, HolzLand GmbH

Christian Haltermann completed his education and part-time business administration studies with ter Hürne, one of the market leaders in development and quality products for floor, wall and ceiling made of wood.
He then moved to HolzLand in 2009: Category Management, Project Management & Sales, parallel to his Master's degree in Business Administration. Since 2013: Development of the HolzLand PIM (as a data aggregator of the industry) with highly enriched product data for the HolzLand members, which today represents a USP of the company. Construction of e-commerce area for the further implementation of the digitization strategy (including B2C marketplace holzland.de)

Thorsten Hennig ,

Head of Online & Social Media Marketing, Deichmann SE

Thorsten Hennig completed his education and part-time business administration and communications studies at DEICHMANN SE, the market leader in the German and European shoe trade. After various stages in classical marketing, he switched to e-commerce in 2007. Since 2009: Development of online marketing and social media channels (including Facebook and Instagram as well as the blog shoelove.com) with own productions and more than 7.4 million fans. Building Marketplace Business to increase sales and generate new customer target groups for national markets.

Martina Kadenbach,

Sales Manager, novomind AG

After studying business administration, Martina Kadenbach began her career in marketing at HANS SCHWARZKOPF GmbH. In 1997 she jumped into digital media - as one of the directors of a digital media network. In 2010, she took charge of e-commerce at bellybutton international GmbH. Since the end of 2017, she has been concentrating on attracting potential customers in the area of ​​sales at novomind AG.

Dr. Horst Karaschewski,

Head of IT Development, HanseMerkur Health Insurance AG

Dr. Horst Karaschewski has been working for HanseMerkur as Head of IT Development for 12 years. In addition, the graduate mathematician has been managing director of red6 enterprise software GmbH, a subsidiary of HanseMerkur for IT development, since 2013 where new organizational forms are tested.

Nico Krekow ,

Project Manager, novomind AG

After studying electrical engineering, Nico Krekow joined the e-commerce startup infoball.de in 1999 as a software developer. In 2012, he joined novomind AG via Libri GmbH, where he was responsible for the B2B web shop. Since then, he and his team have been responsible for the expansion of the novomind iMARKET software, which has meanwhile connected more than 30 marketplaces worldwide.

Mathias Kroggel ,

Solution Manager for novomind iAGENT, novomind AG

Mathias Kroggel started his career in 2008 as a developer at novomind. In 2009, he switched to project management and in 2014 took over the management of customer projects. Since 2017, Mathias Kroggel has been working in Solution Management / Consulting in the novomind iAGENT division.

Sascha Lobo,

Author and Publicist

Sascha Lobo, born in 1975, studied social and business communication in Berlin. He works as an author, internet entrepreneur and lecturer on the topic of digitization of economy and society. Since 2011, he has written a weekly column on Spiegel Online called "The Man Machine", in which he looks on the events of the world from a digital perspective. His most important books include "Internet Blessing or Curse" (with Kathrin Passig, published by Rowohlt Berlin in 2012) and "We Call It Work" (with Holm Friebe, published by Heyne in 2006). Together with Christoph Kappes, he runs the Progress Factory, a project and consulting firm for digital transformation. In 2017, he made the film "manipulated" for ZDF, which deals with the impact of social media on society. Sascha Lobo did not understand Snapchat much earlier than most (2013), but has many followers on Twitter.

Georg Mack,

CEO, MACK Call Center Consulting

For Georg Mack, it is always important to stay on the ball, be perfectly connected and look beyond the horizon. With around 20 years of customer service experience, he is one of the top experts in the industry. In addition, he is editor of the industry magazine INTRE - DACH Magazine for Customer Service Management, as well as lead auditor for the call center standard ISO18295.

Erik Meierhoff ,

Head of B2B Business, idealo internet GmbH

Erik Meierhoff has been dealing with digital business processes in the B2B2C sector for more than 15 years. Already during his studies he took over the connection to a leading eProcurement marketplace of chemistry. After completing his Master of Political Science, he worked in various consulting / management positions throughout the entire digital ecosystem - from technology startup to big data in small and medium-sized companies to the development of ecommerce and fintech platforms in a Japanese digital company.
At idealo, he has been responsible for the strategic and operational development of the B2B business since 2017. The special focus is on the change from a click-based traffic model to a transaction-based platform model.

Anna Mempel,

Deputy Director Business Unit novomind iAGENT, novomind AG

Anna Mempel has been working at novomind for novomind iAGENT since 2010. After completing her Master's degree in Information and Media Technology, she started working in various development teams. From 2012, she was responsible for establishing independent teams in support and quality assurance. Anna joined the project management team in 2013, where she managed major clients such as OTTO and EnBW. Since May 2018 she is now deputy director of the business unit novomind iAGENT and responsible for the technical part.

Ralf Mühlenhöver ,

CEO, voiXen GmbH

Ralf Mühlenhöver is a technology-loving business economist, entrepreneur, investor, moderator and speaker, who loves to be on stage. With his passion for software and customer service, he helps to establish and grow companies. His enthusiasm for innovation and technology drives him. He proved his abilities in the telecommunication sector in the last 20 years with the establishment and development of a consulting company and then a software company, the Voxtron GmbH. After being sold to the Enghouse Group, he assumed overall responsibility for the DACH and CEE region as a member of the Executive Board. He has been a managing partner at voiXen since January 2018 and offers text and language analysis from the German cloud. The small, agile cloud company promises its customers a crystal clear view of data in customer service and sales.

Stefan Ostermann,

Director Business Unit novomind iSHOP, novomind AG

Stefan Ostermann's passion for e-commerce led the graduate computer scientist from Lower Saxony to novomind in Hamburg in 2009. From there he helped numerous clients as a project manager in the realization of their online shop based on novomind iSHOP. Since 2015, he also takes care of the newly acquired implementation partners for the shop platform. Since 2018, he has been responsible for the novomind iSHOP division.

Markus Rohmeyer,

Authorized Officer and Director Business Unit PIM, novomind AG

Markus Rohmeyer has a wealth of experience spanning more than 12 years in B2C and B2B e-commerce as well as in Product Information Management (PIM). The graduate engineer has worked in many senior positions in software development for catalogue management and PIM systems. He has been responsible for the PIM business division at novomind AG since July 2010. His area of responsibility includes product development of the standard software novomind iPIM and novomind iMARKET.

Waldemar Sander,

Content Manager E-Commerce, LLOYD Shoes AG

Waldemar Sander began his career at LLOYD Shoes AG 14 years ago as an apprentice industrial clerk. After various advanced training courses (industrial specialist, e-commerce manager, scrum product owner), he worked as a sub-project manager frontend until the beginning of 2018. Today Waldemar Sander is employed as content manager e-commerce.

Peter Samuelsen ,

Executive Chairman (CEO), novomind AG

Peter Samuelsen co-founded novomind in 1999. As CEO he is responsible for the areas of finance and strategic company management. A graduate in computer science, he held posts in many different national and internationally active companies, for instance as a systems analyst, project manager and IT manager.

Patrick Sindt ,

Studiolead / E-Commerce Consultant, SinnerSchrader Commerce

Patrick Sindt manages the E-Commerce studio at SinnerSchrader and advises various customers in the field of digital transformation and shop optimization. Particular focus of the work is on-page optimizations, testing, personalization, content and marketing approaches.

David Spaeth,

Senior Consultant - novomind iPIM, novomind AG

In addition to preparing for his graduation David Spaeth founded the company Spaeth Media Systems in 1994 with the focus on sales and installation of IT systems. In 2002, he joined Sony Europe in the marketing team in Brussels and drove the expansion of the VAIO brand forward. He returned to Germany in 2012 and spent five years at WMD Group GmbH responsible for product management and product marketing for DMS and workflow solutions. Since the last novoinsight he is working as a Senior Consultant PIM at novomind AG and advises clients and partners in numerous projects.

Ram Srinivasan,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ram has over 30 years experience in engineering, marketing, and general management over a spectrum of high technology companies (Enterprise, B2B, B2C) across multiple segments (Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Second Screen etc.). He was the founding CEO of Fireclick which was acquired by Digital River. Previously he was a Venture Partner at Wellington-Partners and the Chair of the Steering Committee for GASV (German Accelerator, Silicon Valley). Currently, he serves as an independent Board Member of early stage companies and advises larger public companies on new market entry strategies.

Ram's technical intuition allows him to cut through technology and focus on business challenges crying for elegant solutions. His penchant for solving complex business challenges brings multi-disciplined teams together rapidly. Ram focuses on delivering results with a unique blend of intuition, discipline and creativity. Ram has post graduate degrees from UCSB and Indian Institute of Science.

Markus Stürzekarn ,

Head of Partner Integration, OTTO

Markus Stürzekarn has been supporting the development of the marketplace business at OTTO since 2009. Since joining OTTO, he has held various positions, for example as key account manager and process manager and he was also involved in the further development of the partner interfaces. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the processes involved in connecting partners to the marketplace and further developing them on the way to the platform.

Robert Tigges,

Process expert for the private customer service sector, DEW 21

Robert Tigges successfully completed his training as an industrial clerk and his degree in business administration and has been with DEW21 since 2006. Since 2011 he has been working in the private customer service sector and since 2015 also as an administrator for novomind iAGENT.

Sven Tunnermann ,

Project Manager, novomind AG

Sven Tunnermann has been project manager at novomind since 2015. In parallel, he took over the product management of novomind iAGENT in 2018 and joined the management of the subsidiary Webservice First. Following his technical training at SIEMENS AG in 1993, Sven Tunnermann has many years of experience as a developer and project manager for software manufacturers in various industries.

Rüdiger Traub,

Head of E-Commerce, Leineweber GmbH &Co. KG (BRAX)

Rüdiger Traub joined BRAX in 2000 in the marketing department after studying business administration. He has been the head of the e-commerce division since 2009 and has been a member of the executive board of BRAX Store GmbH & Co KG since 2018. .

Christian Weisker ,

Head of Team Info Service, Evangelical Church in Germany

Since 2001, Christian Weisker has been active in the church's press and public relations work, initially in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover. Since 2013 he has been head of the info service team and has been responsible for setting up a team for direct communication (telephone, e-mail, social media) in the church office of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

Charlotte Wemhöner ,

E-Commerce Platform Manager, Leineweber GmbH &Co.KG (BRAX)

Since August 2014, Charlotte Wemhöner completed her dual degree in Bachelor of Arts Business Administration at BRAX. After completing her training, she started as an e-commerce operations manager in the e-commerce sector. Since March 2018, she has been responsible for the marketplace business as E-Commerce Platform Manager and is also responsible for the administration of the novomind iPIM and the novomind iMARKET.

Antonia Wrobel ,

Product Manager novomind iSHOP, novomind AG

After completing her dual degree in Business Informatics at OTTO, she worked as a shop manager and later as a product manager IT for the shops Schlafwelt, ekinova and privilege. For two and a half years, the scout has been working for novomind in the field of novomind iSHOP. As a product manager, she is responsible for the further development of the novomind iSHOP core.